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“The Artemik Endurance is one of the softest strings I have ever used and the best thing about it is the durability. From now on, it will always be my first choice! “

- Jaime Oncins, Former ATP No. 34 & Montverde Academy Head Coach

''The name Spark perfectly reflects on the string. I like the thickness of the string because it gave me a great feel of the ball from the first shot and the power was enormous, especially when the string lost a bit of tension. At the same time, I didn't lose control of the shots and I could place my shots where desired. Great experience and great feeling. Great job, Artemik Sports!''

- Krisjanis Stabins, WTA Coach

''I have been playing with the Artemik Grinder 16g for the last week.  I love the spin and power I receive from this string.  What makes contact with the ball is very important in tennis.  This string gives a great feeling at contact.  The ball I hit with this string is very good and I have zero pain in my arm.  I recommend everyone try this string!''

- Mike Baker, Family Circle Tennis Center

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