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"I really like Artemik’s Charger string.  It gives me the power and speed that I’m looking for, and, at the same time, it is very gentle and safe for my shoulder and arm. It’s a perfect combo that I look for in a strings... the Charger has it all."    Elena Bovina, 2004 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Champion and former WTA No. 14



“The Artemik Endurance is one of the softest strings I have ever used and the best thing about it is the durability. From now on, it will always be my first choice! “ Jaime Oncins, Former ATP No. 34 & Montverde Academy Head Coach



''I have been playing with the Artemik Grinder 16g for the last week. I love the spin and power I receive from this string. What makes contact with the ball is very important in tennis. This string gives a greatfeeling at contact. The ball I hit with this string is very good and I have zero pain in my arm. I recommend everyone try this string!'' Mike Baker, Smithstern Academy



''The name Spark perfectly reflects on the string. I like the thickness of the string because it gave me a great feel of the ball from the first shot and the power was enormous, especially when the string lost a bit of tension. At the same time, I didn't lose control of the shots and I could place my shots where desired. Great experience and great feeling. Great job, Artemik Sports!'' Krisjanis Stabins, professional coach



''By far the best string I've ever used in a long time. Switching to a full bed of this string has resulted in more depth, control and spin. The depth comes because of the enhanced spin and I can take full cuts at the ball and they land in. I strung this at 55 lbs in my Babolat Pure Strike and it seems to be tailor made for the racquet's softframe. I recommend anyone who is considering the switch to a full bed of poly to give these strings a try. Great company and people providing the product!'' Will Bailey, Creekside Tennis Club & former tour coach



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