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Artemik Charger 1.25mm String

12 m / 40' string

Looking for a better  grip  on the ball and extra   spin  and   power

That one's for you!

Size: 1.25mm
Profile: Square
Material: Monofilament co-polymer + Polyolefin + Thermo Foil Cooling Process finish

How does it all work? 

The Charger gives the sensation of a much thinner string because it measures 1.25mm across the flat sides, which increases both power and spin. The square shape offers great amount of spin as the edges help to grip the ball better. The flat surface also makes the string more durable, as there is no notching between the strings at contact point. The Charger is ideal for players who seek a durable material yet a thin gauge that will offer great spin and power. 

Advantage:  Power and  Spin.

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