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by Artemik Team July 09, 2019

You are tired of spending too much on strings and you are ready to make the move... but which string to try? Here's a quick guide that will help you figure out which of our strings you are most likely to like and feel comfortable with.

The Artemik Endurance (1.30mm)

The   Endurance  is our thickest string, which also means that it is our most durable string. If your main criteria is durability, you might want to try the   Endurance  first. Beyond durability, the   Endurance  is great for players who are looking for a good "pop" sensation. It is also a soft string that is suitable for players who have had arm injuries in the past.

The Endurance plays similar to Luxilon Adrenaline, Luxilon Alu Power, and Wilson Revolve


The Artemik Grinder (1.28mm)

The  Grinder  is a great option if you like to play with spin and hit heavy balls. It also offers great power and control. 

The   Grinder  plays similar  to  Babolat RPM Blast ... chances are you won't even notice the difference! 


The Artemik Spark (1.28mm)

The  Spark is a soft string that will give you a great balance between spin and power. It gives the player a great "ball bite" sensation and a lot of control.

The   Spark can be compared  to  Solinco Hyper G .


The Artemik Charger (1.25mm)

The  Charger is our thinnest string and offers great power and spin. If you're seeking for a thin gauge sensation, then it is probably the string for you.

The  Charger is similar to  Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 and  Solinco Tour Bite.


Artemik Team
Artemik Team

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